So many of us have sports memorabilia and we not display it, I use to be that way.
Then a few years ago my wife gave me an artist drawing of a legendary race driver and I did not want to frame it with a simple black frame. So I came up with a frame that resembles the hood of a car. After friends and family saw it, and said that they liked it, I wondered if others would like to have one like it. What I found was that others indeed wanted one and many people started asking if I could design something for other sports. They also asked if I could make shelves, medal holders, and display cases out of my designs.

So here at FAN-tastic Displays we offer unique picture frames, shelves, medals holders, and display cases.

You will find something for everyone from the little leaguer to the most serious collector.

We have something for all the sports shown below.
All pictures and other such items are not included. All designs are (c) of FAN-tastic Displays
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